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Lawyers are not created equal; some are definitely better than others. At Morrison Kent, our hiring policy insists on better. This means our people consider the unseen as well as the obvious. It also means we have the experience to identify cost-effective and creative solutions.

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Due Diligence - LIM or Property File – What do I need as a Purchaser?

1 October 2020 | Helen Nathan

Checking Council Records - Land Information Memorandum or Property File – What do I need as a Purchaser?

Buying a house is a serious undertaking. For most people, their home is their largest asset, so it is crucial to complete careful due diligence...

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What is the difference between an executor and an administrator of an estate?
15 October 2020 | Jenny Lowe

If you have read any of my articles on probates and letters of administration or indeed any documents describing them, you may have noticed that two...

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Who is entitled to be the administrator of an estate?
23 September 2020 | Jenny Lowe

In our recent article about applications for letters of administration de bonis non (which you can read here), we talked about who is entitled to apply to...

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Governance of a Māori Land Trust
10 September 2020 | Curtis Bidois

Prudent governance and leadership are essential. Ideally, Māori land trustees will work cohesively, with the interests of current and future generations of...

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