Employment or work relationships affect most of us, whether as employer, employee or contractor. In today’s environment people often work flexibly, whether remotely, as contractors, or in more than one job. Our employment law team can help you navigate, and get the most out of, your important work relationships.

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Employer made to pay sacked employee big bucks

“Employer made to pay sacked employee big bucks” – how to avoid being the employer in this and other employment law headlines

8 February 2019 | Caroline Rieger

Last week we discussed the Stephen Barclay departure from Kiwibuild and the employment situation that arose from that. This was national news.

Not all employment situations make such a splash in the media but on a slow news day the Dominion Post, Stuff,...

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90-Day Trial Periods
30 April 2019 | Caroline Rieger

Employing good quality staff is essential to maintaining a good business, and without good staff, businesses cannot develop and grow. The 90-day trial...

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Employer Obligations for the Intervention and Prevention of Domestic Violence in NZ
27 March 2019 | Caroline Rieger

New Zealand has an unfortunately high statistic for rates of domestic violence compared to counterparts in the developed world. As of 1 April, victims of...

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Employment health check – when did you have your last check up?
19 February 2019 | Caroline Rieger

We review our physical health regularly or at least we should!! As an employer, you should also review your compliance with employment law standards...

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