Employment law and work relationships affect most of us, whether as employer, employee or contractor. In today’s environment people often work flexibly, whether remotely, as contractors, or in more than one job. Our employment law team can help you navigate, and get the most out of, your important work relationships.

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We understand that workplace issues can be sensitive, and involve difficult dynamics. Our expert employment lawyers will ensure that you are well placed to make the best decisions for your staff or yourself. However, if the courtroom can’t be avoided, you can trust us to be straight with you, to develop effective strategies, provide strong representation and achieve the best possible outcome for you.

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How to Respond to Complaints in the workplace - Advice for Employers

What Obligations do you have when an Anonymous Complaint is Made by One Employee Against Another?

4 April 2017 | Morrison Kent

It is important that you do not simply ignore a complaint, even if you have doubts about the complainant’s motive or truthfulness.  Failure to appropriately investigate a complaint, particularly where it raises health and safety issues such as bullying,...

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Winter is coming – along with sick leave and associated complications!
18 May 2023 | Tess von Dadelszen

Winter is coming – along with sick leave and associated complications! 


With the colder months upon us, sickness and associated impacts on workplaces...

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SARNZ announces new partnership with Morrison Kent Lawyers
20 April 2023 | Morrison Kent

Morrison Kent and SARNZ are thrilled to announce that Morrison Kent has joined the SARNZ Partnership group.  In a year that has already seen significant...

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Employee Vs Contractor: The ongoing “status” debate and delay in legislative update
13 April 2023 | Tess von Dadelszen

The employee vs contractor debate has been a hot topic for years, and that does not look set to change in the near future. 

The Government has repeatedly...

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