Employment or work relationships affect most of us, whether as employer, employee or contractor. In today’s environment people often work flexibly, whether remotely, as contractors, or in more than one job. Our employment law team can help you navigate, and get the most out of, your important work relationships.

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We understand that workplace issues can be sensitive, and involve difficult dynamics. Our expert employment lawyers will ensure that you are well placed to make the best decisions for your staff or yourself. However, if the courtroom can’t be avoided, you can trust us to be straight with you, to develop effective strategies, provide strong representation and achieve the best possible outcome for you.

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Employment News

Employee Misconduct: How Should an Employer Respond?

18 October 2016 | Carolyn Heaton

The recent publicity around the off-field behaviour of rugby players has highlighted the challenges employers face when dealing with employee misconduct.  This issue can be especially problematic when the conduct amounts to criminal conduct and criminal...

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National Employer Ordered to Pay Staff
6 July 2018 | Carolyn Heaton

Have you ever called a team meeting outside of work hours? Or expected staff to arrive early to be briefed on work for the day?

Expecting your staff to...

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Business Owner Banned from Hiring Staff
1 June 2018 | Carolyn Heaton

A business owner has been banned from hiring employees, after being held responsible for serious breaches of employment provisions. Changes to the

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Big Fines for Flooring Collapses
19 March 2018 | Carolyn Heaton

In August 2013 a Melbourne construction company and director were fined nearly $900,000 when a makeshift floor collapsed after being overloaded with...

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