Buying, selling and developing property and land is part of the New Zealand way of life. Property is an area that’s rich with opportunity, but risk is always a factor. Morrison Kent’s property law specialists are experts in helping you realise your goals while minimising the risk. You can be certain of excellent advice and timely, proactive legal services.

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In the property law arena, our clients know us as problem solvers who strive to add value at each stage of every transaction. We have one of the most experienced teams of property lawyers in New Zealand and are involved in many high-profile and innovative property projects around the country.

Our property lawyers are committed to keeping up-to-date with real estate law changes and market factors related to residential, commercial, rural and forestry property ownership. You can consult us about any aspect of property law, from acquisitions and leasing arrangements to financing and joint ventures. Our property solicitors can also help if you are an overseas person considering a property investment in New Zealand.

Areas of Specialisation

Within each of the areas shown here, our experts will listen to your needs, explain the law and legal processes in plain language, consider practical solutions and efficiently action your plans.

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Property News

Advances from Parents for a Property Purchase - A Gift or a Loan?

28 May 2017 | Maretta Twentyman

It is not uncommon for parents to advance money to their children to assist with a house purchase, without any clear plan as to how this will be dealt with in the future. Unfortunately this is often without consideration for the potential consequences that...

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Greening unit titles to prepare for the electric vehicle reckoning
13 December 2017 | Matthew Whimp

The Government this year announced a plan to increase the numbers of electric vehicles (EVs) in New Zealand to 64,000 by 2021. Currently there are nearly...

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Shared Driveways
2 November 2017 | Sarah Paterson

More and more often we are having our clients ask us for advice about shared driveways.  With the increased pressure on housing we are not surprised about...

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5 Things to Consider When Buying off the Plans - Units, Townhouses and Apartments
17 October 2017 | Murray Harden

In this competitive market, an increasing number of people are buying units, townhouses or apartments off the plans as part of a development.


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