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For hundreds of years, trusts have provided a useful way of structuring asset ownership in order to protect assets from a variety of claims. If you want to put in place effective asset protection measures, a modern, well drafted trust can provide protection for your assets while also giving you flexibility to deal with changing circumstances. Morrison Kent’s trust lawyers have the knowledge and experience to assess whether a trust structure will be right for your particular situation and to create an arrangement that best meets your specific needs.

Ensure your assets will still be available for future generations

Life brings unexpected challenges, through personal, business, or family circumstances. We can assist you to plan for the future while protecting your assets to the fullest extent possible. Our experts can help structure the best arrangement for you and your family to provide the protection and flexibility you need.

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Within each of the specialist areas shown here, our experts will listen to your needs, explain the law and legal processes in plain language and consider practical solutions tailored to your specific needs.

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Ending your mirror trusts - Morrison Kent Lawyers

Ending your mirror trusts to create a single family trust

6 April 2020 | Matthew Whimp

Mirror trusts were a common way to arrange family affairs. They were fashionable 20-30 years ago as they offered a specific tax advantage which now no longer applies.

Those who currently have their family assets held in mirror trusts might want to replace...

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Q&A - Will My Family Trust Still Protect Me?
25 August 2021 | Morrison Kent

Will my family trust still protect my property? And more of your legal questions answered by our experts!

The team at Morrison Kent Lawyers have partnered...

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Keep up to date with your trust gifting
18 February 2021 | Andrew Stewart

It is still as important as ever to avoid delay in ensuring your trust affairs are in order. A trust is almost always put in place to protect you against...

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What is the difference between an executor and an administrator of an estate?
15 October 2020 | Jenny Lowe

If you have read any of my articles on probates and letters of administration or indeed any documents describing them, you may have noticed that two...

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