Life can be simple or it can be complicated. Often it’s a mixture of the two. With our advice and representation, you can ensure fewer surprises and easier navigation through times of change. Our Family Law team use their collective expertise to support you keeping your life on track.

Looking after you and yours

With offices in Auckland and Wellington, Morrison Kent helps families and individuals to stay on top of personal legal issues. Our family law advice can assist with everything from pre-nuptial agreements and property division following separation to parenting issues and adopting children.

In all situations, we endeavour to keep you out of court and in control. But when the courtroom can’t be avoided, you can trust us to anticipate risks, develop effective strategies and, above all, represent you. We do everything in our power to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

Areas of Specialisation

Within each of the specialisations shown here, our experts will listen to your needs, explain the law and legal processes in plain language, consider practical solutions and use emotional intelligence to achieve the best outcome for you.

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Relationship Property


Asset Protection

Financial Support

Adoption and Surrogacy


Family Law Team

Family Law News

Gifts from Parents in the Case of Separation

13 April 2018 | Anna Chapman

Parents concerned about rising house prices are increasingly providing money to their children to assist them with their first house deposit to get them on the property ladder.

The simplest option for parents in such circumstances is to gift money to...

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Social Media Helping to Identify Assets and Wealth Following Separation
20 December 2018 | Debbie Dunbar

Social Media is increasingly becoming a tool to help identify assets and wealth following a separation. When it comes to dividing property at the end of a...

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Proposed changes to the Family and Whanau Violence Bill
18 September 2018 | Anna Chapman

Proposed changes to the Family and Whanau Violence Bill should provide greater protection to victims of domestic violence.

At the moment the Police may...

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Surrogacy Laws in New Zealand
15 June 2018 | Debbie Dunbar

Surrogacy laws in New Zealand are tricky to navigate, so if you’re thinking about entering into a surrogacy arrangement, it’s vital to be informed and...

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