There are many types of visas available to migrants, whether they wish to enter New Zealand on a temporary or permanent basis. Choosing the right option is not always straight forward, nor is the application process itself. With our guidance, you can be sure that you, or your potential employee, are choosing the best pathway and are fully aware of the requirements that need to be met. Our Immigration Law team will provide support to get you from “A to NZ”.

Be Informed about Immigration

Our immigration lawyers are on top of New Zealand’s immigration policy changes and how they affect a migrant’s success on pathways they intend to take. We will keep you informed about any upcoming changes to immigration policies and advise on how you might best approach applying for a visa based on your circumstances.

Areas of Specialisation

There are many types of visa possibilities as shown below. Our experts will consider your circumstances and needs, help you understand the possible options and advise you as to the
requirements, potential hurdles and solutions. We will guide you throughout the application process and do the hard work for you.

Skilled Migrant Work Visa

Essential Skills Work Visa

Study to Work Pathway

Parent Category Visa

Work to Residence

Investor Category Visa

Entrepreneur Work and Residence Visa


General Immigration Advice

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