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Our Māori Legal team has the expertise and knowledge to help with the wide range of legal issues which concern Te Ao Māori. We can help seek resolution of grievances from the past. We can help find solutions for whanau, hapu and iwi into the future.

Looking after the land, looking after the people

We are based in Wellington, but we represent clients from the top of the North Island to the bottom of the South Island, and we travel to our clients. We can assist with everything from representing whanau, hapu or iwi in the Waitangi Tribunal or the Māori Land Court, to environmental, taonga tuturu and wāhi tapu issues. We are a team within a larger firm which has expertise in family, commercial and property issues, so if advice is required in those areas as well, we can call on other experts within our firm to help.

Our team is people-focused, building long-standing relationships with our clients. We want to help protect and preserve the rights and interests of whanau, hapu and iwi, in their whenua, awa and moana and other taonga. As trusted advocates, our clients with one issue frequently bring their other issues to us and recommend us to their friends and whanau. We strive to ensure that our clients’ point of view is expressed clearly and persuasively and that it is heard widely and by the right people.

Areas of Specialisation

Tiriti o Waitangi Historical Claims

Tiriti o Waitangi Kaupapa Inquiries

Tiriti o Waitangi Urgency Claims and Contemporary Claims

Tiriti o Waitangi Settlements

Wāhi Tapu and Taonga Tuturu

Māori Land

Marine and Coastal Act (MACA)

Public Law

Environmental / Resource Management

Māori Legal News

A New Take on the Concept of Proprietary Rights arising from the Marine and Coastal Areas Act 2011

11 April 2017 | Bryan Gilling

"..in every society, rights in land which afford an enforceable entitlement to exclusive possession are basic to social peace."

The fundamental rule at common law is that the owner of the soil is presumed to be "the owner of everything up to the sky and...

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News for Unheard Treaty Claims: Waitangi Tribunal Historical Claims Process
15 September 2017 | Bryan Gilling

Waitangi Tribunal Historical Claims Process

Several hundred historical claims have still not been fully heard or investigated by the Waitangi Tribunal....

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Kaupapa Enquiries in the Waitangi Tribunal - Matters of National Significance for Māori
14 August 2017 | Bryan Gilling

The Waitangi Tribunal has a wide jurisdiction to inquire into matters affecting Māori throughout New Zealand. District inquiries aim to hear grievances...

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Marine and Coastal Area Applications
14 February 2017 | Bryan Gilling

The deadline is approaching for marine and coastal area applications to be submitted to the Crown and/or the High Court. Under the Marine and Coastal Area...

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