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Striking the right balance between commercial and cultural aspirations for Māori land is critical. Our Māori land and business development team have the expertise and knowledge to assist you in finding this balance. Morrison Kent can help you to thrive, with guidance on a range of business and commercial matters relating to Māori land, Trusts and Incorporations and Māori owned business. 


Building stronger communities together

The Māori land and business team have a long and proud history of developing lasting relationships with iwi. We routinely provide approachable, cost-effective and practical advice on a full spectrum of Māori land and business development matters. We can offer property, commercial, governance and strategic advice to PSGE’s and have a strong working knowledge of the various legislative schemes that play a role in Māori land. At Morrison Kent, we will work together to build strong communities. 

Our team are well placed to support companies throughout New Zealand that wish to collaborate with iwi or Māori owned and operated businesses, by fostering mutually beneficial relationships.

Redwood Forest in Rotorua - Morrison Kent

Areas of Specialisation

Māori land development and utilisation

Trusts and Incorporations

Post-settlement governance and structures

Forestry, horticulture, fisheries and geothermal

Governance issues

Māori Land Court

Māori Land & Business Team

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