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We provide clear advice on what you can expect when you have an employment relationship issue. 

We understand that issues in employment come with significant financial concerns and emotional strain. When your employment relationship and livelihood are on the line, you need quality advice and representation, and you need it quickly. 

This starts with one of our cost-effective initial consultations. Our consultation process is designed to put your concerns at ease and to talk through the issues you’re facing thoroughly. We’ll provide you with practical advice putting you in control. We will be upfront with you about your prospects of success and discuss the best options moving forward.

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Areas of Expertise

I am being made redundant or my employer is trying to change my role

Raising a personal grievance

Performance Improvement Plan

I’m being bullied or harassed at work or there has been a complaint made against me

Restraints of trade

Reviewing Employment Agreements

Parental Leave

Discrimination at work


The Employment Relations Authority and other employment litigation

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